We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Tensile Testing Machines, Computerized Tensile Testing Machines / Digital Tensile Testing Machines and our setup is situated in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India.


  • These models are suitable for testing metals and iron, Plastics, Rubber, Ceramics, Fabrics, Composites, Cables and wires.
  • Load is measured through a strain gauge based Load Cell and elongation is through rotary encoder.
  • Depending upon the customer’s requirement a suitable type of grips are available. Extra Load cell can be offered suitable for low load samples.

Technical Specification of Tensile Testing Machine

Max. Capacity 2500N 5000N 10 kN 25kN 50 kN
Measuring range 0-2500N 0-5000N 0-10kN 0-25kN 0-50kN
ranges Least 0.125 N 0.25N 0.5 N 1.25N 2.5N
Elongation Scale 0.01 mm 0.01mm 0.01 mm 0.01mm 0.01mm
Grip separation
without Grip :
25 mm
750 mm
25 mm
600 mm
variable speed drive stepless variation 5 to 300 mm/min
H.P. (for standard speed) 1 Hp 2hp
Supply 3 Phase, 415Volts, 50Hz AC
Over travel Safety Provided with each model

Software Features

  • Menu driven form system with color graphs to compare sample test results.
  • Test details and reports are stored in database
  • User programmable master test templates
  • User can select test from master test Templates and can start similar test
  • Load and Elongation is continuously displayed on screen
  • Overload protection for machine by electronic control
  • Tare Load and Reset Elongation facility available
  • User selectable sample break detect condition
  • Load rate and strain rate are also displayed while testing
  • Unlimited Load rate and strain rate control steps
  • With Load rate controller, user can hold the load on specimen for unlimited time
  • With Load rate control, user can specify positive or negative Rate of Loading
  • User selectable units for load and displacement (kg, kN, N, Ibf, mm, cm, inch etc.) Results and graphs are automatically displayed accordingly.
  • On line display of Load and Displacement (Stress, Extension, Strain) etc. while test is conducted
  • Provision of auto zeroing of Elongation at preload set by user
  • User Programmable Reports. User can select Header, Footer, Specimen information, Dimensions, Test information, Test results, Stastical analysis as per his need.
  • Generated reports can be exported to PDF file and can be e-mailed
  • If electronic extensometer is used then proof stress values from 0.1% to 1% can be determined
  • Software will give alert to user to remove extensometer when load crosses .2% of Gauge length selected then proof load value is calculated. (With extensometer)
  • Separate graph of extensometer and encoder is displayed
  • Provision of calculation of Load and Elongation at yield, Peak load and Load at break, Yield stress, Ultimate stress etc.
  • Special software for tensile, compression, bend, TOR steel and other test software as per customer requirements